Thursday 23rd May, 2024

SEND Newsletter

Please see attached the latest Shropshire Council SEND Newsletter

SEND newsletter

Wednesday 22nd May, 2024

Sports Days

Who will win the House Cup this year!

Families are invited to join us at our Sports Days starting at 1.30pm on the School Field.

Wednesday 22nd May, 2024

Coming Up! Summer Events for parents

Enjoy alfresco drinks at our Garden Bar- a great chance to relax and have a social with other parents before the school year ends for Summer.

Our popular Quiz Night is back for the whole community.  Email Mrs Moore to book in your Quiz Team.

Email: maria.moore@col.318education.co.uk


Wednesday 22nd May, 2024

Tennis Coaching this Saturday

This Saturday Shrewsbury Lawn Tennis have a fundraiser day offering some coaching for juniors and parents at 11am 😁  Donations are appreciated as they are raising money for disability coaching for Severndale school.  Contact Coach Harrison if you would like to pop along.


Tuesday 21st May, 2024

Summer 2 Menu

The Lunch Menu for Summer 2 is now on the website.


Monday 20th May, 2024

Swimming – Year 6 Elephants

As part of the National Curriculum your child will be going to the Quarry Swimming Baths for swimming lessons.  Each lesson will take place on a Tuesday afternoon for 6 weeks, starting 11th June and ending 16th July (inclusive).

Mr Edwards and supporting staff will walk with the class to and from The Quarry Swimming Baths for these sessions so no payment is required for this activity.

 Please could you ensure your child remembers to bring their swimming costume (no bikinis), goggles and towel in on the day they go swimming, as they will only be disappointed if they have to stay behind or sit and watch!  Thank you.

Friday 17th May, 2024

Year 4 Trip to Hindu Temple, West Bromwich

Dear Parents/Carers,

As part of the school’s programme of teaching pupils about different places of worship, we have arranged for Year 4 to visit the Shree Krishna Mandir, a Hindu Temple in West Bromwich, to learn about the Hindu faith.   Whales will be visiting the temple on Tuesday 4th June and Dolphins on Thursday 6th June. In order for us to arrive at the venue for 9.30am both classes will need to come in to school by 7.45am on the day of their trip. The coach will depart at 8.00am sharp.

As we will not be returning until the latter end of the school’s lunch break it is likely the school’s lunchtime servery will have ended. Children should therefore bring in a packed lunch for this trip. No glass bottles or fizzy drinks please. Pupils eligible for Free School Meals will be given a packed lunch on their return to school.

The cost for this trip is £15.30, which includes transport, insurance and a donation to Shree Krisha Mandir to cover their costs. Payment should be made via your child’s Arbor account prior to the date of the trip. Although costs for trips are voluntary, in reality the school has no other means of funding these trips. We hope that everyone can contribute to the trip in some way.

Please note that this visit is covered by the Annual Consent Form for Trips/visits & Medical Information. Please notify the school immediately if there are any changes to your contact/emergency contact details or medical information.

Friday 17th May, 2024

Year 6 Pioneer Trip – Final Reminders

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The SATs are now over and we just wanted to let you know that the children have worked incredibly hard to do their absolute best in each of the tests completed. We are very proud of the resilience and effort shown by everyone throughout the week.

As you know, the first week back after half term, we head to Pioneer for our two-night residential; everybody is excited and it feels perfectly timed after SATs.

Here is some final information so that you and your child can feel prepared on the morning of Monday 3rd June:


Please use the kit list to help with packing. Do aim to let your child be as involved as possible in this process; it is important for your child to know what is in their bag as this will allow them to be as independent as possible during the stay.

Don’t forget to pack a water bottle and reading book – these may be useful to have in a smaller bag which can be kept with your child on the bus.

Remember not to pack mobile phones, electronic devices and extra snacks or sweets.


It is vital that we have the correct information about any medication that your child will require while we are away. With this in mind, we would like any medication to be given to an adult (Mrs Morgan, Mr Edwards or Mrs Jeff) on Monday morning. Please put any medication in a container with your child’s name written clearly on the front along with clear instructions and dosage.

If your child has any specific allergies please make sure we know about them.

If your child requires travel sickness tablets, please give them their tablet at home or send it into school for us to give before we head off. Remember to also include another tablet for the return journey so we can make sure they take it before we set off on Wednesday.

Other bits to remember

You will need to send your child to school with a packed lunch on Monday 3rd as our evening meal will be the first meal provided by Pioneer.

Please encourage your child to practise putting on a duvet cover and pillow case as that will be the first challenge set when we arrive.

The coach will leave school at approximately 10:15am on Monday morning.

We will return at approximately 3:30pm on Wednesday afternoon.

As ever, thank you for your ongoing support in preparing your child for the trip.

Best wishes,

Mrs Morgan, Mr Edwards and the year 6 team 😊

Friday 17th May, 2024

Pet-tastic Puddings Inc.

Meet the founders of Pet-tastic Puddings Incorporated 🐈🐇 These girls are selling delicious cakes/treats for your puppies, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs! Does your pooch fancy a Puppicino ☕️ Come along tomorrow, four legged friends are welcome!



Friday 17th May, 2024


We hope to see you all tomorrow for some ‘TREASURE THEMED’ fun!

Bring along your Competition Entries by 10.30am with £1 entry per exhibit.  We are in need of more cake donations and will gladly accept these at the fair! We’ll be super grateful to any home bakers out there! Plant donations are also welcome on the day.

Thank you for supporting us!

Friday 17th May, 2024

Change to PE Kit

Dear Parents/Carers,

Change to School PE Kit

We are proposing a change to the School PE Kit from September 2024.

The current PE kit is: a house-coloured plain t-shirt and a house-coloured plain hoody/zipped jacket/sweatshirt in either Red, Green, Blue or Yellow or (Black/navy option if you don’t have house the colour).

This was brought in a few years ago, but there are many children who come to school wearing alternate clothes and so we have considered if this kit is still appropriate.  At the time, it was felt that the coloured t-shirts/jumpers could be cheaply purchased on Amazon (or similar) but it is not until we try things that practicalities become more apparent.  We always have high expectations for uniform: the children look very smart and take great pride in their Coleham School uniform, and we wish for them to feel the same about their PE Kit.  Time spent policing uniform is never a good use of time, and feedback from children suggests that a better option for PE kit would reduce stress and the need for conversations around correct uniform.

What do we need for an effective solution?

  • An affordable, accessible option that can be purchased locally.
  • A practical garment for PE activity
  • A PE Kit that gives the children a sense of pride in sporting activity, and also the House community that they represent.

Pupil Feedback

We have talked to KS2 children and invited 6 children from each class to be involved in a research panel to gain their thoughts.  The general consensus is that they don’t always have the coloured jumper at home, the Darwin Yellow isn’t a popular choice and is hard to find in the shops and the children much prefer the Coleham School PE fixture kit that they wear to represent Coleham at sporting competitions.  In fact, they say they love wearing this to represent Coleham!

When asked what they liked about the fixture kit they said they liked the sports material, which is lightweight/breathable, and it makes them feel more sporty and that everybody wearing the same makes them feel smart.  They felt the coloured jumpers weren’t working as lots of children in school wear plain navy or black.  They were also excited about the possibility of incorporating a House Crest.

Proposed Change

Therefore, considering the children’s views and comments from parents, our proposal for September is to offer:

  • A Coleham School PE sports top with a house-coloured band and crest costing £10.99.
  • Navy shorts or joggers
  • A plain navy hoody/zipped jacket/sweatshirt.

Please see the visuals on the attachment.

PE Kit Visuals

We are very mindful of the cost to families and currently only have 1 item of school logo-branded uniform which needs to be procured from The School Shop.  The addition of the PE top will take this to 2 items of school logo-branded uniform.  With 5 school days across the week, this means you will need to purchase 3 school jumpers and two PE tops, where in previous years families had to purchase jumpers for 5 school days and extra PE kit to bring into school for PE sessions.  As always, we will phase in the arrangements for the first year, so if anybody does not wish to purchase the sports top they may wear a plain navy t-shirt and we plan to help re-cycle uniform in school.

We hope that by considering the children’s views, and them expressing a desire to wear the PE Kit it will make your lives easier at home too.  It was particularly interesting to hear their reasons: that it made them feel sporty and inspired to take part.  Of course, we are keen to hear what the wider community of parents think of this.  Therefore, before any final decision is made, we would like you to please complete this short survey which is open until Friday 24th May PE Kit Survey Link

We will only be asking for feedback on the PE kit proposal. We know that generally uniform is a controversial topic and that we all have our private views on this, but we won’t be making any changes to the full school uniform or be collecting feedback on it at this time.

Kind regards,

T. Larkham


Thursday 16th May, 2024

Staffing News for next year: Changes & Welcomes!

Following the retirements of Mrs Munns and Mr Edwards, and Mrs Howson leaving Coleham, we have some exciting news about new faces and changes as a result.


Miss Jones

Miss Jones will step out of the classroom in September and take over as SENDCO from Mrs Howson and join our Senior Leadership Team.  Miss Jones has been an excellent classroom teacher for the past 2 years at Coleham and has very quickly become a valued member of our community.  She will be SENDCO at Coleham for 3 days a week, and will be brilliantly supported by Mrs Howson as she starts her new exciting chapter.  I am confident that she will be an excellent SENDCO and will help to continue driving our school forward.


Mrs Rank

With Miss Jones stepping out of the classroom, there are 3 vacant teacher positions for September.  We are thrilled to announce that Mrs Rank has been appointed as a new teacher after completing a year training as an apprentice here at Coleham.  Mrs Rank has been an incredible TA and cover HLTA for the past 6 years, and has worked incredibly hard on her ambition to be a classroom teacher.  She has impressed us greatly this year and it was a real no-brainer to keep hold of her!  Congratulations Mrs Rank – we all look forward to the future!


Mrs Mukhopadhyay

Following Mrs Munns’ retirement, we’re delighted to announce that Mrs Mukhopadhyay will be job sharing with Mrs Harrison from September in Mrs Munns’ place.  Mrs Mukhopadhyay has been a qualified teacher for many years, and has been a valuable member of our community as a cover HLTA over the past year.  She is an excellent classroom teacher with experience across primary, and we are very happy to secure her services for a teaching post that she deserves.  Congratulations!


Miss Heap and Mrs Stennett

Please join me in congratulating Miss Heap and Mrs Stennett who will be joining our Senior Leadership Team as Phase Leaders of Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2 respectively.  Both Miss Heap and Mrs Stennett have been excellent servants to the school community for many years and will be superb leaders for their phases.  They replace Mr Edwards in his retirement and Miss Turner who has been leading Lower Key Stage 2 this year.


Miss Mackey

We’re really happy to announce that Miss Mackey, who many will know from Breakfast Club, has been taken on as a TA from September after impressing through volunteering, demonstrating an excellent can-do attitude and boundless positivity.  Well done and congratulations Miss Mackey!


Mrs Bayliss

We’re excited to introduce Mrs Bayliss to everyone – Mrs Bayliss is an experienced TA who will be starting in September and supporting in KS1.  She really impressed at interview and we’ve glad to be able to further strengthen our excellent team of TAs.  Welcome to Coleham, Mrs Bayliss!


New Teacher: Miss Featherston

Our final addition to the teaching staff is a new face!  After a thorough and rigorous recruitment process, we are very excited to inform you all that we have an excellent new teacher starting joining the team in September.  Miss Featherston currently teaches at a school in Telford and impressed us all at interview.  She plans to come to the Plant & Craft Fair tomorrow, so please do look out for her and say hello!


We are not yet able to announce which teachers will be in which year groups at the moment, but we are finalising those details, as well as class mixes (for those year groups who are mixing).  We will be able to share those details with you very soon!

Thursday 16th May, 2024

Save the Date – School Disco

Coming up in June!

This event is for pupils only.  Tickets are available now to purchase on Arbor!  There are no restricted numbers, as always the whole school is able to attend.

Tickets are £3 to include crisps, sweets and squash and there are reduced price tickets for our children eligible for Free School Meals.

We would love some parent helpers on the night at our refreshment tables and will be taking names after half term.

Thursday 16th May, 2024

Staffing News for next year: Goodbyes

Mrs Munns

We’re sad to announce that Mrs Munns will be retiring from teaching at the end of the Summer Term in July, after an incredible 29 years of service to the Coleham community.  Mrs Munns joined the teaching staff in September 1995 and has impacted the lives of 800 children and their families – an incredible achievement!

She has taught many different year groups in that time and has been hugely involved in several aspects of school life – she even used to take singing assemblies before Mrs Porrett joined us.  There are not many people at Coleham who can remember what Coleham was like before Mrs Munns started, and it’s hard to imagine what Coleham will be like without her.  Thank you, Mrs Munns, for all your hard work over the years and enjoy your retirement!


Mr Edwards

We will also be saying a sad goodbye to Mr Edwards when he retires at the end of July.

Mr Edwards joined Coleham in 2012, and over the last 12 years he has supported hundreds of children through Year 6 and on to secondary school.  He has developed writing at Coleham into a fine art and has led Upper Key Stage 2 for several years.

Mr Edwards will be very much missed, but I’m sure you’ll all join me in wishing the very best in his well-deserved retirement.  Thank you, Mr E!


Mr Jones

Mr Jones, our beloved caretaker, will also be retiring in the summer holidays after 10 solid years of excellent service.

Mr Jones is, for lots of people, the first smiling face they see as they arrive at school.  Always keen to help; always there to fix something and always busy: Mr Jones will be hugely missed.  Thank you for everything you do Mr Jones!


Mrs Howson

A congratulations goes to Mrs Howson who has been promoted within the 3-18 Education Trust to lead SEND and Safeguarding across all the schools in our Trust.

Mrs Howson has, over the last 5 years, been an excellent class teacher and our SENDCO and I know she will be an excellent addition to the Central Trust team.  We will miss Mrs Howson here at Coleham, but are glad to still have her close by!

Thursday 16th May, 2024

What’s on Next Week

Monday 20th- Tuesday 21st May- Year 6 Giraffes Bikeability (for those who signed up)

Tuesday 21st- Wednesday 22nd May– Year 6 Elephants Bikeability (for those who signed up)

Tuesday 21st May-Year 1 Ukulele concert @9.15am

Tuesday 21st MayMeeting for new Reception Parents (children starting in Sep 24)

Friday 24th May-Yr 3 Liverpool Trip and  EYFS Trip the Museum

Please make payments for these trips before Friday.  Thank you.

Friday 24th May-Last day in school before Half Term summer holiday

Thursday 16th May, 2024

Year 2 Parents Lunch Invite

We would like to invite you to join your child for a complimentary school lunch at 11.30am on Tuesday 4th June so that you can participate in the whole dining hall experience and sample our school meals for yourselves. Maximum of two visitors per child please.

If you are able to join us for lunch, please let us know by completing the attached link by Thursday 23rd May so the kitchen can ensure sufficient meals are prepared.


Thank you

Wednesday 8th May, 2024

Sports Days Confirmed

Our Sports Day are now confirmed and on the Website Calendar.

Mon 24th June- Years 3 & 4

Wed 26th June – Years 5 & 6

Thurs 27th June – EYFS & Yrs 1 & 2

They will all start at 1.30pm with normal home time arrangements.


Wednesday 8th May, 2024

Plant & Craft Fair Competitions Update

Our Children’s Competitions for the Plant & Craft Fair are below.

This year the Belle Vue Arts Festival theme is ‘Treasure’ and so all competition entries are linked to this theme. We hope to see more entries than ever before displayed at our Plant & Craft Fair and judged by the BVAF.

Treasures of the sea, treasures of the land, prehistoric treasures, Egyptian treasures, treasured memories, so many ways to be creative…

All entries should be brought to the fair by 10.30am (or on Friday if you cannot attend the fair) and entry costs £1.00 per exhibit.  Please label your entry with your name and age/class and collect it at the end of the fair you are attending.

Poetry– The winner will be invited to read this aloud at the Festival’s ‘Spoken Word’ evening event.

Box of Treasures-any box, any treasures, be artistic and creative in displaying your goods for us all to admire.

Treasure Island-in any form, painting, college, sewing, junk model, mini garden, Lego, vegetable model etc

Scavenger Hunt-collect a sheet from your Teacher and stick on items from home.

Bake-off-any style cake or cakes (not judged on taste)

Have FUN, we can’t wait to see all your AMAZING entries!


Wednesday 8th May, 2024

Urgent Help wanted!

We desperately need lovely people to help us out for an hour at our Plant & Craft Fair!  It’s easy and fun to man a stall for an hour, chat to families and generally have a good time.  The children love helping too!  Many hands make light work, if you have not helped before then give it a try!

Anyone can help, families, grandparents, neighbours, older children….

Please sign up on the link below or on the clip board in the reception area and simply turn up on the day

Volunteer Sign Up


Friday 3rd May, 2024


Miss Heap is planning a ‘treasure’ stall for the Plant & Craft Fair and is looking for donations of kids and adults jewellery.


Please drop off with a Class Teacher or the School Office and we’ll put it to good use!


Friday 3rd May, 2024

Year 3 Trip to Liverpool Museum & Walker Art Gallery

As part of this term’s History curriculum work on the Ancient Egyptians, we have arranged for Year 3 to visit Liverpool Museum and The Walker Art Gallery on Friday 24th May. During their time there the children will take part in an Ancient Egyptian workshop, learning about the mummification process.

We will be leaving school at 8.15am in order to get there at a reasonable time so ask that children arrive at 8.00am that morning. We will return at approximately 5:00pm. If we encounter any significant delay on our return journey, we will do our best to keep you informed.

Your child will need to bring a packed lunch and plenty to drink for this trip – no glass bottles or fizzy drinks please. Those pupils entitled to free school meals will be given a packed lunch by our school meals provider before departure. Please also ensure that they wear school uniform and have a lightweight coat with them. We will not be visiting the souvenir shop so no additional spending money is required.

The cost of the trip is £14.60, which includes entrance fees/workshops and transport.  Payment for this trip should be made via your child’s Arbor account prior to the date of the trip. Although costs for trips are voluntary, in reality the school has no other means of funding these trips. We hope that everyone can contribute to the trip in some way.

Please note that this visit is covered by the Annual Consent Form for Trips/visits & Medical Information. Please notify the school immediately if there are any changes to your contact/emergency contact details or medical information.

Thursday 2nd May, 2024

Music Club Special Sessions

Want to have a go at Morris Dancing? Jump & Jive Music Club welcomes Shrewsbury Morris to teach us a dance for our May 20th concert.

6 extra places now available on to join these 2 sessions:

Monday May May 20th. 


The Cabin. £5. All ages welcome. Hankies and bells provided! No experience needed. Text Mrs Wade for further details and to book in. Mob: 07910 314269.

Wednesday 1st May, 2024

Bank Holiday Monday! Community Arts Event

Shrewsbury Arts Trail are asking the local community to come and help create their largest community project to date!

The work produced during this workshop will become part of a county wide collaboration, that will be installed at the SMAG during the upcoming Shrewsbury Art Trail in July and August.

This should be lovely session where participants are encouraged to experiment with mark making, discovering colours, and expressing themselves in a free and creative way.

If you are unable to make this workshop, we would love people to have a go at home to help us create as many pieces as possible. Instruction Packs will be available online from the 7th May at www.shrewsburyartstrail.com

Wednesday 1st May, 2024

Launching our Children’s Competitions!!

We are pleased to launch this year’s Children’s Competitions for the Plant & Craft Fair!

This year the Belle Vue Arts Festival theme is ‘Treasure’ and so all competition entries are linked to this theme. We hope to see more entries than ever before displayed at our Plant & Craft Fair and judged by the BVAF.

Treasures of the sea, treasures of the land, prehistoric treasures, Egyptian treasures, treasured memories, so many ways to be creative and interpret this.

All entries should be brought to the fair by 10.30am (or on Friday if you cannot attend) and entry costs £1 per exhibit.


Poetry– The winner will be invited to read this aloud at the Festival’s ‘Spoken Word’ evening event.

Box of Treasures-any box, any treasures, be artistic and creative in displaying your goods for us all to admire.

Treasure Island-in any form, painting, college, sewing, junk model, mini garden, Lego, vegetable model etc

Scavenger Hunt-collect a sheet from your Teacher and stick on items from home.

Bake-off-any style cake or cakes (not judged on taste)

Have FUN, we can’t wait to see all your AMAZING entries!

Wednesday 1st May, 2024

Plant & Craft Fair

Only 2 weeks until our Plant & Craft Fair!

Lots of our children entrepreneurs are running their own stalls to fundraise for school.  If there are any more takers, pupils can see Miss Othen in school.

We are looking for donations of plants for the fair if you have any spare…

We would LOVE some adult helpers on the day! If anyone can spare an hour or two to help set up, man a stall or tidy away, then please let us know by signing up on the clipboard in reception or dropping us a msg on Facebook or email.  Many hands make light work!  Thank you!


Tuesday 30th April, 2024

Pioneer Details

During the next few weeks, we will be going through Pioneer arrangements with the children.  Here is some additional information and clarification to help you prepare your children for what we are sure will be a very positive and exciting experience for them.

Packing & Preparation – kit list provided separately

  • If possible, choose a soft hold-all rather than a rigid case as this makes storage in the dorms easier and gives the children more space. Please DO NOT WORRY if this is not possible
  • Please allow your children to be as involved in the packing of their bag as possible; this will help them to be more aware of what they have and where it is – it will also help them when packing for the return home
  • Please help your child to practise putting on a duvet cover as this will be their first task when they arrive at the centre
  • Include a NAMED plastic bag for the children to put wet clothes in as some groups will be doing a wet activity on the last morning
  • Your child will need an easily accessible reading book in their bag
  • Please provide a refillable plastic or metal water bottle
  • If necessary, give your child travel sickness tablets for the journey and provide us with the return journey tablets 

Packed lunch for Monday

Your child will need to bring their own packed lunch with them to school on Monday morning (Monday 3rd June) as the first meal provided by The Pioneer Centre will be tea on Monday evening.


Put any medication in a container with your child’s name written clearly on the front along with clear instructions and dosage. Please let us know some time prior to our visit if your child will be bringing medication.

Monday morning departure

  • We suggest that the children to do the ‘big’ hugs and goodbyes at home before leaving for school
  • Please allow your child to bring their own bag into the classroom
  • Only come into class if you have to provide us with your child’s medication or if you have to tell us some new information
  • Please be aware that if you wish to wave off your child, the coach will not be leaving until approximately 10.15 am

Wednesday afternoon return

  • The coach will return at approximately 3:30 pm and we will phone ahead if delayed for any reason. Please watch the noticeboard outside school for any changes
  • PLEASE WAIT INSIDE THE SCHOOL GATES UNTIL ALL BAGS HAVE BEEN UNLOADED – you will be able to greet your children before collecting bags
  • Be aware that your child’s wellies/wet clothes bag may have become separated from their main bag – please ensure that you collect ALL of your child’s belongings

Please remember that the follow items are not permitted

  • Mobile phones
  • Electronic games/devices
  • Extra snacks/sweets
  • Cameras – school will be taking plenty of pictures/videos

Hopefully, this information will help avoid any last-minute worries, questions or queries.  Your cooperation in these matters will be greatly appreciated and will contribute to the smooth running of the week.

Many thanks in anticipation,

Mrs Morgan, Mr Edwards and the Year 6 team

kit list 2024

Friday 26th April, 2024

What’s on next week?

Next week we have lots of CPD happening for staff but it is a little quieter for the children.

Year 1 have Balance-a-bikeability happening over 3 days

(Parents don’t need to do anything as instructors and equipment is provided)

Year 4 are off to Shrewsbury High School for a Choral Day visit.

Year 6 parents-don’t forget to fill in the Bikeability Cycle training form for your child.

Thursday 25th April, 2024

Headteacher Letter re: Lockdown Procedure

Dear Parents/Carers,

Our school is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all our pupils and our priority is to keep the children safe at all times.  I am writing to remind you about our Lockdown emergency procedures, we have in place, should our school ever need to go into ‘Lockdown’.  A school lockdown is the opposite of an evacuation.  In a ‘lockdown’ children and staff remain inside the building for their safety.

It is standard health and safety practice for schools to have lockdown procedures in place as it is good practice for schools to prepare for all situations regardless of how unlikely their occurrence may seem.

As you may know, there have been a couple of local incidents, in previous years where we have had to initiate the partial lockdown procedure, in real life circumstances so staff and children are familiar with lockdown procedures and we always inform the whole school community after the event.

Please read a brief summary below.

Lockdown Procedures

Lockdown procedures should be seen as a sensible and proportionate response to any external or internal incident, which has the potential to pose a risk to staff and pupils in the school.

Lockdown procedures may be activated in response to any number of situations including:

  • A reported incident / civil disturbance in the local community.
  • An intruder on or outside the school site.
  • A warning being received regarding a risk locally, of air pollution (smoke plume, gas cloud etc)
  • The close proximity of a dangerous dog roaming loose.

There are two levels of lockdown :

Partial lockdown (Amber) during which staff and pupils remain in the school building. School activities carry on as normal, however, entrances and exits to the school would be locked and monitored closely.  All staff are aware and on alert to be vigilant.  Younger children and parents would not be aware of the situation in this instance.

Full lockdown (Red) during which all staff and children would remain inside the building.   Internal and external doors and windows would be locked and staff and pupils are to remain seated, quiet and out of view.  Children would be fully aware of the situation in this instance and the school would follow instructions from the Emergency Services.  Parents would be informed in this situation.



The Lockdown procedure is available on the school website and all staff have been trained on the procedure.  We will be refreshing our awareness of this procedure with staff and children in coming weeks and carrying out a practice exercise of a ’partial lockdown’.   Primary Schools are not advised to complete ‘Full Lockdown’ drills due to the children’s age.  We will talk to the children about this in assembly and in classrooms with class teachers in a sensitive manner.   It is obviously not our intention to make any child feel anxious, however it is important that we have procedures in place and practice these to ensure everybody is clear on what they need to do.

Our school site is extremely secure and access is restricted, so we are almost operating on ‘partial lockdown’ as a normal everyday routine.

Please discuss this with your children and we will continue to update you on all important safety matters. 

Yours sincerely,

 T Larkham

Tom Larkham


Thursday 25th April, 2024

Road Closure Reminders

Please remember that Greyfriars Rd is closed to all traffic (except emergency vehicles at residents requiring access to the front doors) at the start and end of the school day.  The times are as folllows:

  • 8:20am – 09:00am
  • 2.50pm – 3:30pm

Please DO NOT park up before the road is closed and exit before the road is reopened.  We have had a small number of complaints and have seen a number of people collecting children and then driving on the pavements or removing cones without replacing them.  The closure is an important part of school safety and the traffic restrictions are legal requirements.

If you need to drive to school, please do make use of the parking at St Julian’s Friars.

Please do remind anyone else who drops off or collects your children – this newsletter only goes out to registered parents and carers.