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Parent Questionnaire 2017 Follow Up

Dear Parents/Carers,

Many thanks to those of parents who completed our Parent Questionnaire at the end of last term.  I hope that you received my letter reporting the results of the questionnaire at the end of last term. 

We have looked closely at the questionnaires and comments which we received (58 replies were received) and we have considered our response.  For the most part, there was a very positive response, with many respondents expressing support for the school through their answers and comments given in the comments box.

In considering our reaction, we have added up the responses that were either “strongly agree” or “agree” and presented the information accordingly.   Where the totals are over 90%, we are pleased, however where it is lower, we have discussed actions we need to take.  For some questions, (e.g. “The school responds well to any concerns I raise,” quite a high proportion of parents answered “don’t know,” we assume because they haven’t raised any concerns with us and so we have not taken this as a negative issue.

I have therefore taken each question in turn, where the response has caused concern, and below I have hopefully provided some response, explanation and reassurance of our determination to improve:

  1. My child receives appropriate homework for their age and ability – we have decided to change our homework policy quite radically this term. Children at Coleham will no longer receive weekly set homework tasks.  We believe that the children work very hard at school and need to be resting and enjoying family time at home with their families.  Homework can sometimes put pressure on family life and we want to reduce this moving forward.  We will still expect your children to read every night and learn their times tables/number bonds but there will not be weekly set homework to hand in any longer.  The exception to this is in Year 6 where we may set some preparation work (practice papers) prior to SATs for the children to complete at home with parents.  We will also continue to set holiday work in the form of projects to be completed at home, as we find that the children love completing these projects with parents at home and usually produce amazing work.  If you would like to do some extra work at home with your child and need some ideas and support, we are happy to do and point you in the right direction.
  2. The school deal effectively with any cases of bullying – the number of parents who selected “disagree” to this question was higher than we would like. We have, this year, introduced a new Anti-Bullying Policy. Whenever parents/carers do raise concerns, we seek to act (but they are usually about other children and so the detail cannot be shared).  We also do a huge amount of work with the children in assemblies and in PSHE lessons regarding how to treat each other respectfully and this year we have introduced our whole school values system, which we will be embedding next year.  We will continue to work with the children to address this concern and we will continue to ensure that any cases of bullying are dealt with effectively so that repeat incidents do not occur.
  3. I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress – this year we have increased the number of meetings that parents are invited to come along to with teachers. There are 2 formal parents evening and 2 separate informal sessions, which parents can come along to in order to look at their child’s work and discuss progress.  We have also introduced an extra transition meeting, during which parents can meet their child’s new class teacher.  We also write a formal end of year report to all parents.  In addition to the above, you are always welcome to make an extra appointment with your child’s class teacher if you would like to discuss their progress or any other issues that you have. We have an open door policy at Coleham and welcome all parents into school to come and talk to us. 

In the comments box, we also received a number of comments about the quality of school dinners.  We would like to assure you that we did work hard last term to improve the quality and choice offered during lunchtime and we will continue to work on this and improve the quality of the food offered to the children.  We will keep you updated in this area.

Finally, a small number of parents commented that they would like to see the conservation area used more by more children across school.  As you may know, all of Key Stage 1 and EYFS use the conservation area for forest school/woodland work sessions.  We are currently in the process of building a new classroom in the conservation area (behind the garages).  This will allow even more classes to use the area not just for forest school but for science and geography lessons too.  We will keep you updated in terms of the progress being made on this project, which we expect to be complete by half term.

I would like to thank you, once again, for your comments and suggestions on the Parent Questionnaire. 

Yours sincerely,

 Claire Jones