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Reception Collection Procedures

Dear Parents/carers,

Please can we remind you of the Collection Procedures for the Reception children and for you to explain these to any relatives who may collect your children.

Reception Children Collection Arrangements

Given the age of the children and school’s new relationship with the children and families, robust collection arrangements exist for reception children.  We require a person with parental responsibility to collect their child or inform us each time that a different person is due to collect their children. 

For set childcare arrangements families may have, they can provide the details of who will be collecting their child each day on a proforma which staff will observe when releasing the children.  For any other pick up, where parents are not collecting, we require parents to inform us daily via a message to the TA outside in the morning or a telephone call to the school office.  We will not release children without this parental permission even if staff and children know the family members that have arrived.  We ask parents to explain this procedure to family members so they may wait patiently, if we need to contact the parents before releasing the child.   We encountered a few incidents before half term regarding frustrated relatives and whilst we sympathise, these rules are for the safety of the children.  The collection procedures will become less onerous, once the children reach Key Stage 1. 

Please see the Safe Arrival and Collection procedures on our website which is a handy guide that documents our ‘drop off’ and ‘pick up’ procedures for all classes in school.

Kind regards,

Tracy Othen

Business Manager