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Launch of new House System

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you know at Coleham School, we have had a house system for many, many years.  In recent years, we have tried to make more of the house system to develop more of a school community between classes and year groups by organising various competitions throughout the year, to compliment sports day and the awarding of the House Cup for the most ‘housepoints’ awarded to each house.

This year, we are making some radical changes to the usual format of the houses, which are outlined below:

  • KS1 and EYFS children will now be involved (not just KS2);
  • ALL staff will be allocated a house;
  • There will be more opportunities for different classes, phases and Key Stages to work on competitions;
  • The names of the houses will change, as decided by the School Council, but the children and the house colour will remain the same;
  • No more ‘housepoints’ awarded by teachers for the awarding of the House Cup.

New house names:

  • Birch will become Darwin (yellow)
  • Ash will become Severn (blue)
  • Maple will become Greyfriars (red)
  • Chestnut will become Quarry (green)

Awarding of the House Cup

Instead of winning housepoints, we will be making more use of the Values Tickets system we have in school.  The school values, as decided by the School Council, are honesty, respect, kindness, friendship, ambition, perseverance and co-operation.  Children who demonstrate these values are awarded a ticket that currently goes towards a class total.  The class with the most tickets wins an extra playtime.

Under the new system, this will continue, but the child who receives the ticket will have a point for their house also.  The house with the most tickets by the end of the term will win the House Cup.

This system will have the benefit of reinforcing the school’s agreed values and will make the awarding of the House Cup more transparent, fair and easier to manage.  There will still be reward systems in place in each class that is individual to the children and the teachers involved.

We are glad to be finally involving the whole school in our new house system, and we look forward to an exciting year ahead.

Many thanks

Mr T Larkham

Acting Deputy Head Teacher